Parcel Tracking

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Parcel Tracking offers the convenience of parcel tracking on all shipments made via our easy to use website. This enables you to know where your parcel is at all times in real time, avoiding any confusion, offering you peace of mind and also enabling you to improve your level of customer service.

Benefits of Parcel Tracking

Parcel tracking gives you peace of mind whether you’re shipping a parcel within the UK or to an international destination. Knowing where your parcel is at any given time, gives you complete control, knowing when it arrives in customs, when it leaves customs and when it’s signed for at its destination.

Using the service is easy and convenient and once you have your tracking number, you enter it into the parcel tracking online system and follow your parcel from collection to delivery.

This service also helps companies improve their own level of service they provide their customers around the globe. Companies can provide customers with a tracking number, enabling them to enjoy peace of mind that their parcel has been dispatched, also ensuring that someone is available to take delivery and sign for the item on the day of delivery.

Customers shipping parcels can use the parcel tracking service as a way to confirm delivery of a parcel, which is imperative when offering a returns policy to customers. Knowing when the parcel is delivered ensures that customers abide by the returns policy you provide and enables you to offer a higher level of service moving forward.

How Parcel Tracking Works

The parcel tracking service offered on the site is an automated process. All parcels receive a shipping label which includes a bar code. Every move the parcel makes the bar code is scanned and the information is updated on the site so you can follow the parcel in real time. It’s easy and highly effective, all you need is your parcel tracking number.