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Cookie Policy

Privacy & Cookie policy information. … What is a Cookie policy. Cookie policy are used for a variety of things that help improve your online experience. If you’re shopping in the Busy Bee Parcel site and have put something in your basket a cookie will make sure that the item stays in your basket when you move to a different page and then on to the checkout. Other ways we make our online service easier to use include using cookies that: Make login faster by remembering your customer details, make the page load quickly by sharing the workload across computers, give you access to self-help information and our live chat, make sure our pages are optimised for your browser or device by giving us technical information about the device or browser you are using

Cookie policy: Personal preferences

Cookies can help give you content that matches your preferences. We might give you relevant offers because we know what other offers you liked. They also allow you to customise a page.

Safety and security

Some cookies policy help make sure your information is secure when using our services while keeping our forms and shopping site easy to use. Improving our service. To make sure you don’t see particular adverts or announcements too many times we use a cookie policy to limit their frequency. We also use cookies to measure and analyse how visitors use the site. This helps us develop it and make it easier to use.

Cookie policy: Third-party cookies

Busy Bee Parcel may works with a number of companies and websites that help make sure our adverts, promotions and marketing messages are displayed to people who might be interested. These companies and partners may use cookies to collect anonymous data such as how many people have viewed a particular page each day.



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