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Busy bee parcel careers range from drivers to computer software engineering, software developers who can design build and test computer system, helping organisation and equipment to run effectively. Software developers to contribute to technical design. To write test version of programme code. To test installation, security and compatibility issues. Keeping accurate record of the development process. Reviewing test result and fix technical problems. Installing a full version of the software and carry out quality checks prior to going live. Maintaining and supporting system once they are up and running. You need to be able to write computer from scratch or amend off the shelf programs to meet our needs. You must be an experienced developer and to be able supervise a programing team and write feedback on coding work of your colleagues.


Working hours and conditions. You need to work between 40 and 50 hours per week. You may be required to do overtime and weekend work to meet deadlines in order to minimise disruption to our business. You would mainly be based at an office or home. Some projects may involve overnight stays away from home.


You will normally need a university degree to work as software developer. computer science

  • information technology
  • software development
  • software engineering
  • mathematics
  • business information systems


If you don’t have an IT-related degree, we may still be able to consider your application. We may accept graduates with other subjects, providing they can show enthusiasm for the field and have understanding of the development process.


The industry body, The Tech Partnership, has also developed its Software Development for Business degree. This degree has been designed in partnership with a number of universities and employers, and includes work placements and support from people inside the IT industry. You can find out more on the degree’s dedicated website.


Here are just a few examples of programming languages and operating systems, and it may be useful to have some knowledge of these and what they do.: SQL, Java, C++, XML, Ruby, Python and PHP Oracle, UML (Unified Modelling Language) and Linux .NET frameworks (such as C# (c-sharp), ASP and VB) Experience of project management methods like PRINCE2 will also be helpful along with a working knowledge of project development processes like Agile.

Career planning makes you realise your ambitions and what you want to be and do in your career. You need a plan to focus on what you ought to do before start thinking about a new career. A good plan makes you realise if you would like to improve in the career that you are doing. Think about what career you are able to do or what you can do next or what do you need to learn in order to progress. At Busy Bee Parcel Delivery, we are working with one of the biggest key players in the parcel delivery industry. Parcelforce delivers thousands of parcels a day to our customers around the globe. If you looking for a job vacancy please forward your CV to us via email. Delivery Careers applicant can contact by emailing us

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